Martin Tithonium


I've just started putting this together, so there's obviously a LOT missing.
Last Updated 2nov21 17:00

Mancala Game Client/Server in Java/MOOCode

Wrote a Mancala game server in MOOCode while writing the GUI as an in-browser Java applet. Users could play against other users on the web, or against text-based users in the MOO.

🐄 Pure MOOCode DNS Client 🔗

Wrote the first, and to my knowledge only, dns client in pure-moocode

🐄 Pure MOOCode SMTP Server 🔗

Wrote the first, and to my knowledge only, full send/receive smtp mta in pure-moocode

👑 Invited to take graduate-level AI course by CS department chair

Impressed the instructor enough in undergrad 400-level Programming Paradigms course that I was invited to take his 700-level AI course the next semester.

Taught self to program in BASIC at age 6

I was given a TRS-80 Color Computer, but quickly grew bored with the games it came with. If you booted it up without a cartridge, it dropped you to a prompt where you could write BASIC. So I started teaching myself to program.